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Sagar Multi And Super Speciality Hospital supercedes all other comparable hospitals in the area. Other hospitals are high-budget 'luxury' hospitals are commonly found in this area, it is harder to find a hospital that caters to the diverse needs of a growing population without letting money get in the way of healthcare.The technology and medical set-up at Sagar Multi And Super Speciality Hospital is par excellence. Two & One minor functional modular operation theaters equipped with Laminar air flow, HPL walls, sterile air locks, ceiling mounted pendants, HEPA filters, Epoxy coating floors, high-end multi-para monitors & ventilators offer world-class standard of surgical treatment.The ICU is backed by a separate Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a Surgical Care Unit (SICU).
Efficient Management
The management of Sagar Multi And Super Speciality Hospital is headed by a team of eminent doctors – each one a professional leader in his field of medicine. Covering a gamut of medical specialties including gynecology, orthopedics, cosmetology, plastic surgery, these doctors lend more than their medical expertise to the functioning of the hospital.
State-of-art Medical Standards
  Leadership by a team of eminent doctors and excellent professional expertise
  State-of-art medical technology
  Easy access on the main road
  Affordable medical treatment of international standards
Our vision is to achieve excellence in Healthcare services by offering unique expertise, state of the art technology & patient care. Sagar Multi And Super Speciality Hospital is committed in providing world class health care at an affordable cost, irrespective of the education background, caste, creed or social status of the patient.
Our immediate agenda is to set up more such dedicated centers for providing wholesome treatment to the patients from all over the country and abroad. We are committed in continually serving the humanity at every needful hour with our state of the art facilities and world's best professionals. We are motivated by the immense faith that our patients have kept in us.
  Patient Care
We are committed to render advanced quality health care to all our Patients at an affordable cost and to develop a system where by we update and constantly improve our techniques, infrastructure and human resources and perpetually comply with relevant regulatory requirements.

We are committed to provide the highest-quality and safest possible patient care. The quality process is crucial for health care leaders to improve outcome and adapt to change as well as to deliver -effective and high-quality patient care.
We continually strive to improve the quality of our services to fulfill our objectives and meet national & international standards through regular training to our staff and upgradation of technology.
Excellent Health Care made affordable, largest Private Hospital in the area with 200 bed capacity including 25 Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.), 24-hour Emergency Services. Experienced team of doctors supported by dedicated nursing and teaching staff, fully equipped with LIFE SAVING devices.
Today the healthcare segment is not restricted to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses alone. At Sagar Multi And Super Speciality Hospital, we believe that each specialistís life revolves around touching, healing and empowering the immensely precious lives of our patients and patrons. And this definitely doesnít stop at the doors of the hospital but extends into the patientís life itself to get deeply entrenched therein.We are dedicated to providing quality patient care and driven by the Ideology of,saving lives, no matter what it takes.Not only is this the effort of our hospitals group, it is also the felt emotion by each member of the Hospital family.Our vision, understandably, is to develop a best in-class healthcare delivery system doggedly engaged in providing excellent patient care in an ethical and transparent manner. Small wonder our doctors are committed beyond the call of duty, our medical support team is pro-active and caring, and even our administrative team is tuned to the needs of patient comfort such that the safety of precious life is protected, no matter what it takes. We ensure delivery of quality care with highest level of expertise from medical experts backed by well Ė trained support staff, robust infrastructure and efficient systems and processes. The staff will do their best to provide you with an efficient service aiding to you speedy recovery. This site is an endeavor to acquaint you with the hospital services and facilities and to help you feel at ease..
Studying he remembered one incidence that his mother was suffering from fever and in remote area how doctors gives pleasant behavior to patient, he got impressed with this profession and decided to be a good human doctor for Public Welfare. Through his hard work and dedication he got Master Degree in Medicine. He never thought of doing job and fulfill his desire of giving best hospitality service to public by establishing college. For that he has surveyed in Jaipur,Udaipur and Kota for a peaceful atmosphere for college. He got succeed when he put the foundation of Indira Electro Homeopathic Medical College in Udaipur on 22 June 1992.

For poor people who were facing transportation facility he opened Mahadev Hospital at Umarda village near Udaipur. He has organized 25 camps from 1994 to 1999 where he provides free medical checkup for poor people. Dr. R. S. Nagar is running many Institutions where he is the Chairman or Managing Trustee.

He has awarded with lots of achievements by individuals - this can include notable milestones, notable contributions to the society, charitable contributions, etc.

The Nagar are conservative trading community, god fearing, miser, self-respecting, and strict vegetarians. The brother hood is strong in the community. Even after separation of business they continue to attend functions and support families of brothers and relatives. They spend lavishly on marriages and like to lead a comfortable life.
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Sagar Multi And Super Speciality Hospital
DIRECTOR ( Dr. Rajkumari NAGAR)
Dr. Rajkumai Nagar : a name that has become synonymous with expanding the frontiers of college education and taking it to untouched horizons of excellence. Her sincere devotion towards the education of children, training and empowering of staffs, and inculcating a feeling of patriotism and a feel for the nation is widely recognized in education circles. A person with varied interests, she love reading, working for social interest. A perfectionist to the core, she has never settled anything less than total perfection in every sphere of human life, professional or personal. Her tremendous capacity of extempore, public speaking and verbal composing has made her an ideal icon among students, staff and all. It is indeed a pleasure to have her as a leader in the group.